TAOYI Pigments&Glaze

560℃ bottle glass pigments

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520-580℃ GL bottle glass pigments
All lead including in powder

Colors for bottle glass 520-580°C
code  name Color
GL104 peacock green ■■■
GL122 green ■■■
GL267 bright blue ■■■
GL202 dark blue ■■■
GL301 yellow ■■■
GL361 deep yellow ■■■
GL463 black ■■■
GL605 brown ■■■
GL706 iron red ■■■
GL761 red ■■■
GL806 purple ■■■
GL964 white ■■■
GL513 Gold powder ■■■
GL502 Silver powder ■■■
2108 flux  
M060 medium

M060 water based liquid medium
Powder mesh 325,remain less 0.1%.

Pigments must mix the  liquid medium to get the printing paste.

Can use the 2108 flux to low down the temp.

Can for directly printing or for indirectly decorating paper printing.

Printing mesh advice 160-250,depending the thickness, can get the semi/opaque color

If want the more transperancy color,pls find the TAOYI T-Series glass pigment

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