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ceramic metallic glaze

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The metallic luster glaze (GM-type) is mainly colored silver gray and brownish yellow. Within the recommended firing temperature range, it exhibits a shimmering metallic luster and is weather-resistant and does not fade.


Applicable Products:

Ceramic exterior wall tiles, antique porcelain tiles and other ceramic glazed decorations whose firing temperature is above 1180℃.



1) Conventional glazing: ball mill to 325 mesh, adjust the specific gravity to 1.38-1.43, spray directly on the brick surface, glaze 20-25 grams in an area of 330*330.

2) Printing and glazing: add water-based ink to adjust to the printing consistency, and glaze into the corresponding pattern with screen.

3) Firing conditions: such as kiln 85 meters, 1180-1200-1220℃, time 65-55-45Min oxidizing atmosphere.

4) Temperature adjustment: High and low temperature varieties can be mixed with each other to adjust the temperature.



1) The appearance of the fired color will change from golden to light yellow to brown to darker in accordance with the decrease in the amount of glaze applied.

2) Try to use pure high-temperature volatile raw materials for the glazing body, which can improve the residual defects of the glaze pores.

3) The color of metallic glaze changes greatly according to the changes in use conditions, and the manufacturer needs to record various parameters during each test use.

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