TAOYI Pigments&Glaze
The upstart of ceramic glaze-high temperature metal glaze
Date: 2016-04-15 13:55:07

The baking temperature is 1160-1230 degrees, easy to use: no additional equipment is needed, and it can be produced under the existing process conditions. There are brown-red, red-brown, gray-silver colors, divided into bright and matte varieties. After this kind of metal glaze is calcined together with ceramic products at high temperature, it has strong acid and alkali resistance and can maintain its color change throughout the year. The bright type is applied to a large area on the whole surface, and can be decorated with the brilliant effect of the golden wall, and the matte type can be decorated with a more realistic imitation copper and other metal effects. Foshan Tao Yise Glaze Co., Ltd. developed this product earlier in China and has now developed into a leading supplier of metal glaze technology.

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