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Environmental protection water-based Boma back cover oil
Date: 2019-04-10 13:54:45

Environmentally friendly water-based Boma back cover oil, Crystal mosaic back cover oil, Bottom white printing oil, Boma back cover varnish oil



In the crystal glass horse industry, oil-based backing oil has been used for many years to ensure the opening strength of the glass glaze, but the oily odor is not environmentally friendly, which is not allowed in the current environment with high environmental requirements.


Foshan Tao Yise Glaze Co., Ltd. pioneered and innovated, leading the research and development of water-based glass horse back cover oil, and successfully applied to the crystal glass mosaic industry, instead of oil, can completely solve the technical problems of online printing performance, adhesion and moisture resistance, defects after burning.


Taoyi Environmental Water-based Boma Back Cover Oil, Crystal Mosaic Back Cover Oil, Bottom White Printing Oil Boma Back Cover Ink Oil, has made new contributions to the environmental protection of the crystal glass mosaic industry.



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